Want to know about the latest jobs at 360incentives?  360 is a happiness company and we are looking for happy people who want to make a difference, who want to bring change to the world and who are always up for a challenge.

Work/life balance? Not a chance! You spend over half of your waking hours at work – don’t you think you’d like to do more than just balance? We believe that life is better when you are happy and that happy people are more fun, more productive, more creative and more likely to change the world. We believe that working for 360incentives will quickly get added to your list of things that make you happy.

So what are you waiting for?  Come join us!

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360_Awards_updateOver the last few years others have started to see how much fun we are having while we are getting stuff done.  Here are just a few of the awards that have come across our desk, of which one of the most prized is the #1 Best Place to Work in Canada. (We don’t like to toot our own horn,  so check out what other organization think about us on our Awards Page)

  • “360incentives is the first workplace where I have been fired up to come to every single day. It’s a breeding ground for creativity, laughter and innovation. Being surrounded by so many talented leaders has really inspired me to work to become one myself!”
    – Dan Webster (Sales Ops)

  • 360incentives understands the importance of investing in its employees and its community. The unique culture provides a friendly environment in which development (personal and professional) is not only encouraged, but facilitated.
    – Jorelle Djossa (Client Happiness Builder)

  • It is each individual spark of creativity combined with the desire to contribute and support each other which helps to bring bring the right people together at the right time.   We are all essential parts of a whole team, contributing to the success of a mutually shared vision.
    – Michelle Cameron (Client Happiness Builder)

  • At 360incentives, I’m empowered to make decisions that directly impact our business. I’m encouraged to act and think outside the box to deliver incremental value in each interaction.
    – Nabeel Ullah (Senior Business Analyst)


Working here means you can expect to be valued for your skills and be able to play to your particular strengths, all the while being pushed toward the professional and personal potential we know is within you.

The above is a list of our current job openings. If there isn’t a home for your particular super-sharp skills but you want us to know who you are, apply below through the “Get on our Radar” link.

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