Better Insights

Bringing innovation and engagement to incentive and rebate programs.

Data on its own has no value – the value is in the insights you draw and how you apply them. 360′s platform delivers real time insights to help you make informed decisions and smarter changes that support the goals of your business.

To drive sales and gain competitive advantage, we help you engage, measure and motivate sales associates and channel partners. We make the consumer rebate process easier and happier.

Better Experiences

360’s channel and rebate management platform combines innovation and user experience to deliver a better way of doing business.

We bring together innovative technology, great client experience and great customer service to help brands build better and stronger relationships with your channels and consumers. We’re focused on making a difference. Our platform helps you to increase revenue, make your sales people and customers happier, and build stronger brand loyalty.

Better Outcomes

360 is about delivering better outcomes.  We help you stop administering and start managing your incentive and rebate programs.

Removing admin tasks and costs gives you the ability to manage your time and resources strategically.  Our platform gives you the visibility to view each promotional dollar down to individual transaction level.   Real-time insights from your program results help you course correct toward maximum ROI.


Driving sales performance with flexible solutions and fast rewards.

With 360's incentives platform, you'll enjoy cost savings, enhanced analytics and real time visibility through the entire channel. Through digitization, we provide automated processes, a holistic view of your program spend and a centralized hub for communicating to the field and channel.


Now you can offer streamlined and flexible rebate programs that delight consumers and nurture brand loyalty.

Our rebate module offers the same robust analytics and program visibility as our incentives modules. Your custom-branded rebate portal lets consumers enjoy visibility into their rebate status, choose how they get paid and then get paid quickly. We ensure that your last touch-point with your consumers is a happy one.

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